Our Big Launch!


Hey everyone!! I am so excited for the launch of My Autism Army, and I’m so glad you’re here 🙂 This entire site, video course, and blog are here for you and your loved ones to give you all the support you need. This is a lifelong journey – let’s make the best of it!!

After completing a 4 month program at Kennedy Krieger Center for Autism, I’m here to share everything I learned with you! At first, I started recording video after each class just so I would remember everything and had something to refer back to! Then, I started creating the video for my son’s caregivers to watch and learn. When I got down to the final few classes, I realized, I need to be sharing this with more people! Because, SO many people can benefit from this!! Especially those who have just received an ASD diagnoses for a loved one, and think, “now what?!” …. I’m here to help! I had no clue what my next step should be, and all I can say is the right class fell into my lap at the right time, and I am forever grateful! I hope this will benefit you all as much as it has benefited my family & I!

After posting each video course over the next few weeks, I will start creating new video! And I must apologize ahead of time for my unprofessional vertical videos you’re about to see 😉 At the time of recording, I had no intention of uploading to YouTube, or any other online site – lesson learned 🙂 But, the info is excellent – I promise!!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on new subjects to touch on. I want to be REAL with you. Share my REAL life. Life with Autism.

Together, we are strong. Welcome to My Autism Army!


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