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Books Are Best!

Today I am going to let you know why books are such an amazing learning tool for kids with ASD!!! When we started our recent parent group training on books, I just thought to myself, “Yeah Right! There’s no way Caleb is going to be interested in books! Let along have the attention span to let me read them to him!” However, after learning how to look at books much differently, it turned into something we are able to incorporate into our daily routine, and that he LOVES!!!

I have posted my video below that shows examples of 2 books we went over in class, however now after doing our “book routine” for about 2 months, we have some other favorites that I will be sharing with you this week! I plan to record our nighttime routine where I read 3-4 books to Caleb, and you can see how he really knows what gestures to do, and what’s coming up next. Caleb is completely non-verbal, but through books, learned 3-4 gestures just with repetition! It’s amazing because it didn’t feel like “work” for me to teach this to him. It was just the night after night after night of reading the same book and doing the same gestures, that he finally GOT IT! I can’t wait to show you in our next video how he gestures “me” and “I” – it’s so cute 🙂 As I’m sure you all can relate, no matter how big or little the accomplishment is, when your child who has to work so hard towards something new, it’s a BIG DEAL in our book!

So, if you’re like I was and doubting the awesomeness of books, please give them a try!! You will be pleasantly surprised! I thank the leaders of the parent group I attended SO MUCH for introducing this to us, because Caleb doesn’t enjoy many toys or games (or much else at home!!), but he loves loves loves BOOKS now!! I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you all in the next few weeks!

And I must apologize ahead of time for my unprofessional vertical videos you’re about to see 😉 At the time of recording, I had no intention of uploading to YouTube, or any other online site – lesson learned 🙂 But, the info is excellent – I promise!!!

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